At Bauer Sport Floors, not only do we install the highest quality new floors, but we also perform maintenance work and repairs.
Our wood floors are designed to last, but proper maintenance is key to keeping them looking and feeling like new.
In addition to proper daily maintenance, you should schedule a professional maintenance coat (typically called a screen and coat) annually and a complete refinishing of your wood floor down to bare wood every 8-10 years depending upon usage. This professional maintenance will help you maintain the lifespan of your floor and can extend your floor warranty as well.

Is your existing wood floor looking dull?

This could be a sign you are in need of a maintenance screen and coat.

Is your wood floor in need of a facelift due to aging or Maybe you want to re-brand your school or facility?

This could be a sign you are in need of a complete refinish/re-sand down to bare wood.
We can refinish/re-sand your existing wood gym floor and paint new game lines, logos, lettering, graphics, and stain to make your facility stand out! Call Bauer now for your free quote for annual maintenance or complete refinishing!
Has a natural disaster struck your facility?
Despite taking proper care of your sport floors, disasters can happen. Whether a natural disaster strikes, such as a hurricane, tornado, or heavy rain storm or a water leak develops from an overhead AC unit, water main burst, or water intrusion from entryways and spills, or termites find their way into your facility, Bauer can help!

One call to Bauer and we will schedule a free site visit to discuss your options to mitigate future damage and repair the existing damages in the most cost effective way to get your facility back up and running as quickly as possible.

Kirbyville Water Damage Before & After

What happens when you have surpassed the lifespan of your floor and you are ready to upgrade to the latest sport floor systems?

We can help you determine the best floor system for your current needs and work with your budget and timeline to remove your existing flooring and install a brand new system that will work with your existing depression and site conditions.

We have helped many clients over the last several decades and would be honored to help you!

Leave your maintenance work to the professionals at Bauer Sport Floors so you know your investment will be protected and look great for years to come!